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In the next 60 days, we will use our influence and connections and industry influence to get you featured in major media online such as ABC, NBC, Fox, Google News and over 400 other news outlets or we will return your money.


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Your Press Release Reaches Over 400 News Websites

(Google Craves Good Content)

From the Press Release we create:

Multiple Blog Posts

Video (YouTube & Vimeo)

Podcast Sites



Social Media

(Facebook & Twitter)

The opportunity to establish yourself as a respected and trusted authority to the masses will open up more doors

than you can imagine.



1. Press Releases create brand awareness & improve your image


2. Your company, products, and services will be exposed to a larger online audience


3. You will build credibility with your potential customers when they see your company found on popular news sites


4. Your press releases will establish your company or yourself as an authority in your industry


5. Your newsworthy articles will differentiate your company from your competition


6. Your press releases will increase traffic to your website through instant worldwide distribution


7. All news outlets where your article is published will boost your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


8. Your press releases can increase potential sales through media exposure


9. Use Popular News Channels Logos to say AS SEEN ON, to build credibility of your website and marketing materials

10. The internet will be flooded with hundreds and thousands of articles, all pointing back to your company and website

Every Business Needs to publish Press Releases on a regular basis to increase their online presence and build credibility

Hyper-Targeted Traffic

Our campaigns allow your business to focus on a specific product, service, city or place to bring you the most hyper- targeted traffic.

Multimedia Formats

We are 7x more powerful than any online Press Release. Our campaigns include each of the following: article, blog, video, presentation, audio ad and info-graphic.

Get Published

Your customers are researching you, but will they find anything? We tell the world about you in 7 formats across hundreds of websites they already trust.

The Video City Press Release makes you the talk of the town by consistently creating content and publishing it to high authority websites and platforms.

Elevate The Volume of Your Voice Online So that The Volume of Your Competition is Muted Out.

Reach A Larger Audience

According to a recent study conducted by Content Marketing Institute, 81% of businesses built their credibility through their content marketing.

Hyper-Targeted Press Releases can boost your online presence in ways no other marketing campaign can.

Marketing Strategy For A Beauty Salon in Seattle: Content Plan Drives 31% Increase in Organic Traffic

Significant Increase In Website Traffic With A 31% Growth

In just three months after starting our campaigns on December 5, 2022, we saw a 31% growth in website visitors.

The Success of a a luxury beauty industry client based in Seattle

Marketing Strategy Medical Device Increased in Organic Traffic approximately 20,000%

Customer Success Story

In 1 year a medical device brand
increased traffic by approximately 20,000%. This has taken them from approximately
$48,000 in sales per month, to $735,000 in sales per month. This is an increase of
$8,300,000 in yearly sales.

How It Works


Submit your Idea / Message for a News Article


We write the article and send back for approval


We Publish Your Article to 7 News Channels


Your Article Is Broadcasted All Over the Internet


Email Sent with links of the Press Release success

Amazing Experiences

Don't take our word for it, see what others have said about VIDEO CITY PRESS RELEASE

"My phone has not stop ringing cause you know people didn’t take me seriously having just a website. Establishing an online presence changed my business and bottom line."

Aaron W.


"The platform works as intended. It’s massive exposure. Does exactly what it says it’s going to do. That’s helped out all the businesses that I have worked with. It’s cool, it’s a phenomenal program and great investment"

Philip W.


"High quality leads for a luxury/ design build business. We doubled our annual revenue (an additional six figures). We receive lots of traffic from searches in Google and got over 340,000 views in 3 month period."

Edward E.


30 Reasons Why You Should Do A Press Release

Almost anything can be turned into a news story, you just have to find the hook

  • Launching a New Product or Book

  • Hosting a Webinar

  • Launching a New Website

  • Opening a new business

  •  Announcing a product update

  • Rebranding your company name  

  • Receiving an award  

  • Promoting an upcoming event 

  • Fundraising

  • Change in Leadership

  • Announcing a New Partnership

  • Relocating

  • Changing a Product Name

  • Supporting a Non-Profit

  • Announcing company Expansion

  • Offering a Free Training

  • Restructuring Your Business

  • Announcing Contest Results

  • Announcing a Contest

  • Celebrating a Company Anniversary

  • Announcing a New Service

  • Publishing Tips

  • Participating in an Event

  • Opening a New Business

  • Announcing a Product

  • Receiving a Certification

  • Sharing Monthly Sales

  • Announcing an Acquisition


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